Welcome and opening remarks

James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen

Opening Keynote: Does the net zero transition have a reputation problem?

The UK will need to recruit hundreds of thousands of people into its energy, transport, waste, and infrastructure sectors if it is to meet its target to deliver net zero emissions by 2050. But there is a mis-match as some of the industries at the heart of the net zero transition do not have the same appeal or glamour as other sectors. How do we solve the reputation problem for green infrastructure industries and attract the workforce of the future?

Nicola Shaw, UK Chief Exec, National Grid

Executive Director, UK
National Grid
Keynote: Are we on the brink of a net zero skills crisis?

The net zero transition will create hundreds of thousands of exciting new jobs, but does the UK have the skills base to fill these roles and how can businesses ensure that recruitment challenges do not act as a brake on their ambitious decarbonisation plans? This opening keynote will explore the scale of the net zero skills challenge, the steps that are being taken to overcome it, and how policymakers, businesses, educational bodies, and individuals can all come together to seize the green job opportunities that will emerge over the coming decade.

Luke Murphy, Head of the Environmental Justice Commission and Associate Director for the Energy, Climate, Housing and Infrastructure TeamIPPR

Head of the Environmental Justice Commission
Panel Debate: Promoting the jobs of the future: How to boost the attractiveness of the net zero transition

Join apprentices, graduates, representatives from youth charities as they debate how to solve the reputation challenge faced by net zero industries and hear how they think the green engineering and infrastructure sector can be seen as an attractive career choice. They will discuss the barriers to entry, how companies can overcome the skills challenge, and how to best win their attention.

Jacqueline Hall, Head of Policy and Strategy, Enginuity

Moderator: Jack Parsons, CEO, The Youth Group

Head of Policy and Strategy
The Youth Group
Keynote: Fit for the future: What does a net zero education system look like?

A leading educational expert explores how the education system and education and skills policy will have to evolve to help bridge the skills gap and drive the net zero transition.

Nick Molho, Executive Director, Aldersgate Group

Executive Director
Aldersgate Group
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Stream 1

Panel Debate: Making business schools, training academies, and certifications fit for net zero purpose

Many business schools and training academies are continuing to teach courses that have negligible engagement with the historic green industrial revolution that is already underway and the immense stranded asset risks it will unleash. This debate will ask if the current approaches for training everyone from top executives and investors to apprentices and engineers are fit for purpose and how they need to change.

Panel Debate: Tackling the green economy's diversity deficit

Like many industries the green economy has a decidedly mixed record when it comes to diversity. Our panel of experts asks how diversity can be improved across the sector.

Juliet Davenport, CEO, Good Energy
Abbie, Sampson, Director of External Affairs, Energy UK

Sufina Ahmad, Director, John Ellerman Foundation

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Good Energy
Director of External Affairs
Energy UK
John Ellerman Foundation

Stream 2

Workshop: How to get a net zero job

Leading recruiters and employers offer their advice for people looking to join the green economy.

Workshop: How to recruit and develop a net zero workforce

Leading recruiters and HR executives offer advice on how to attract green talent and build sustainable business skills.

In conversation with: Just Transition: Ensuring good jobs on a green planet

We speak to a leading trade unionist about the employment risks that come with the net zero transition and how they can be proactively addressed so as to ensure the promised green jobs boom benefits communities right across the country.

Please note: programme is subject to change