BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2020

Virtual Ceremony | 14 & 15 October, 4pm

***If you have registered for the awards you will be sent a link to view the awards. The link will also be accessible on this site on the day of the awards. Check out the agenda here.***

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards, 2020's premier celebration of a remarkable year for the UK's world-leading green economy. The awards will now be presented as a virtual ceremony across 2 days! Whilst not our original plan, we are very excited to bring the awards to you in a virtual form which will showcase the best of the green economy and publicly celebrate its many achievements. There will also be lots of ways you and your teams can get involved, we will be announcing more details in the run-up to the awards - stay tuned for details!

When the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards launched in 2011 fossil fuels were the UK's dominant source of energy and environmental issues were a niche concern for most politicians, businesses, and voters. Now, thanks in no small part to the hundreds of companies the awards have recognised over the years, low carbon technologies dominate the UK grid, environmentalism has captured the zeitgeist, and the UK has become the first major economy to set itself on a course to achieving net zero emissions.

These awards, the UK's most prestigious green business awards, will provide a platform for the country's most innovative, important, and inspirational organisations to mark the start of this most critical decade by showcasing their era-defining work.

Company of the Decade – New for 2020

The Net Zero Now Award for Decarbonisation Strategy of the Year - New for 2020

Green Packaging Project of the Year - New for 2020

Green Building Project of the Year

Circular Economy Project of the Year

Communications Agency of the Year

Company of the Year

Consultancy of the Year

Marketing/Advertising Campaign of the Year

Employee Engagement Campaign of the Year

Energy Efficiency Project of the Year

Entrepreneur of the year

Leader of the Year | *Entries & nominations*

ESG Investor of the Year

Green Infrastructure Project of the Year

Innovation of the Year Award Leader of the Year | *Entries & nominations*

Lifetime Achievement Award *Nominations welcome*

Manufacturer of the Year Politician of the Year *Nominations welcome*

Renewable Energy Project of the Year

Small Business of the Year

Sustainability Executive of the Year | *Entries & nominations*

Sustainability Team of the Year

Transport Project of the Year

Young Sustainability Executive of the Year | *Entries & nominations*

Politician of the Year *Nominations welcome*

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