BusinessGreen Webinar – hosted in association with Schroders

3pm - 4pm, Wednesday 13 January 2021

A growing number of financial institutions have announced ambitious plans to deliver more sustainable, and eventually net zero emission, portfolios. At the same time customer demand for low carbon and ESG investment products has never been higher and is growing fast.

But what role do investors play? Mandatory TCFD disclosures for UK companies - both public and private - and pension funds will help, but before these become requirements how can investors encourage companies to disclosure their emission levels and plans for these in the future?

We all have a role to play. This exclusive BusinessGreen webinar, hosted in association with Schroders, will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the fast-evolving field, explore the challenges businesses and investors face as they seek to get a better handle on climate risks and environmental performance, and ask how emerging standards and best practices could unlock further rapid expansion and attractive returns for green portfolios, while addressing concerns over ‘greenwashing’.

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Head of Sustainability Strategy
Co-Founder & CEO
Carbon Tracker
Director of Climate Change, Principles for Responsible Investment and COP26 High Level Champions Finance Lead
Head of Investment Stewardship
Scottish Widows