Dr. Samuel Cryer
Dr. Samuel Cryer
Founder and CEO

Samuel earned his PhD in organic chemistry at Imperial College London – synthesising complex polymer inks for use in organic electronic applications (solar cells, organic field effect transistors, LEDs); undertaking the synthetic design, execution and analysis of the final materials. MSci Chemistry, and MRes Plastic Electronics at Imperial College London.

Samuel is experienced in the running of all elements of research projects; overseeing management of ~£1 million in research funding as a senior researcher; as well as building fully-funded international collaborations from scratch in the aid of commercialising research (Imperial, Cambridge, MINES – organic electronic cancer detectors). He has also sat on the board of his family’s design company (30+ staff) since 2014, being involved in everything from financials and staff issues to company strategy.

Samuel leads all of Thermulon’s fundraising efforts (£440k equity funding + to date); overall company strategy; and with a strong track record in R&D – all chemical technology development activities including fostering academic partnerships and relationships.

My Sessions
Clean tech pitch session – Cohort 2