Thomas Hafner
Thomas Hafner
Founder and CEO

Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Mootral, a Swiss-Bristish AgTech company that develops solutions for the agricultural sector to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farm and to reduce the use of antibiotics for livestock.

Having been involved in Life Sciences for over 27 years, Thomas has built businesses in Consumer Health, Biotech and AgTech, created market leading products, defined categories and led several successful exits.

He's a relentless enthusiast by nature. If he sees potential in an idea, a business or a technology he will go the full distance until he has made the most of it. Even if it starts at zero - ESPECIALLY if it does! In his past and current roles, he has managed to keep dreaming big, aim high and constantly innovate in every field he has worked in. His efforts have led him to where he is today: Creating, leading, guiding, shaping, nurturing businesses that work on providing solutions in areas of massive impact on humanity.

Today with Mootral, his main focus is on Antimicrobial Resistance and Climate Change, two of the biggest crises we are faced with.

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