Glenn Hunt-Whitfield
Glenn Hunt-Whitfield
Co-Founder & CEO
Seamach Energy

Glenn Hunt-Whitfield, CEO and Co-Founder Responsible for Commercial / Regulatory / Inclusion / Diversity and IP Lead As Co-Founder and CEO of Seamach Energy. Glenn is responsible to research and develop proprietary cutting-edge renewable energy solutions and raise patent IP in the offshore/onshore energy and carbon abatement space. This spans, CO2 DAC, floating wind, wave, tidal and solar technologies.

Glenn is qualified in Mechanical & Production Engineering (B.Eng., O.N.C, City & Guilds). His track record demonstrates a strong ability to build teams and lead while being inclusive, to innovate, problem solve and add value to a wide range of enterprise requirements ~ from understanding stakeholder requirements to delivering engineering solutions, and look for the 'big picture'.

Industrial experience includes - Renewable energy & low carbon projects, Nuclear Fusion - (JET, UKAEA-MAST & MAST– Upgrade, Tokamak Energy), Marine & heavy engineering - (Aker-Kvaerner–Romania, Atkins) - (subject to confidentiality), Design / manufacture of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB's), Postal mechanisation - ( Royal Mail, Toshiba, NEG), Defence – (UK-MoD, ABP). Operational Experience includes - Project conception, specification, planning and management (PERT, GANTT), Preparation of project proposals, funding applications & business plans, Concept design, engineering analysis, design for manufacture, assembly & maintenance, ARM studies, Corporate positioning and business development, Organisational and process review inc. 'Lean' practices, Leading multidisciplinary project teams, Contract management in the UK & Europe.